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  • I have the GODLY rights to decline an order if I am not good enough- SORRY!

  • I am only open for certain slots every batch so please wait till I message you that I have accepted your order.

  • Will ask for payment before I start on your commission. You only have 48 hours to pay till I TERMINATE THE CONTRACT.

  • Payment is in USD and will only be through Paypal or Ko-fi if you need a substitute.

  • No refunds. Unless I am unable to due to personal reasons.

  • I will send a WIP and you can request for any changes then because once I finish, you can only ask for minor changes.

  • Please be patient with me I am only hooman. I will take about 1-8 weeks to finish your commission after I accept.

  • If you need it by a certain due date, please let me know.

  • All commission prices are only for personal and not for commercial use unless discussed beforehand.

  • Please do not repost the artwork without crediting me OR ELSE I'LL CRY.

  • I can repost the commissions I have drawn unless you want me to keep it private. Please let me know.

  • Prices may be subjected to change. So please check my prices everytime I open. Thank you!

  • If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to dm me on IG or email me: [email protected]

Commission Menu

Ota's Capabilities

please note my style is sketchy so it wont be super clean QWQ

Can DrawWont DrawWant to Draw
BL/GLbig oppaisCouples
slight NSFWsuper baraHands



  • $70+ per character

  • one chara per chibi

  • $10-30 additional fees for complex designs

  • no bg unless you want certain items floating around them

Sketchy busts

  • $80+ per character

  • one character only per busts

  • $10-50 additional fees for complex designs

  • flat color bg with outline as default

Half Body

  • $120+ per chacter

  • extra characters will be the same as base price

  • $20-80 additional fees for complex designs

  • flat color bg as default

Full Body WITH feet

  • $150+ per chacter

  • extra characters will be the same as base price

  • $20-100 additional fees for complex designs

  • flat color bg or a platform for them to stand on as default

If you want to commission me for a project, please email me!


Ready to order? Please copy the form and send it to:[email protected]

  • name:

  • ig/twt:@

  • commission type:

  • references:

  • personality:

  • relationship: (if it's more than one character together)

  • pose: (optional)

  • notes: (things i should know about your character)

  • paypal email: (for invoice)